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Australian wins the American Championships

Thursday, 06 November 2014 00:00
Well, still cant believe it myself!. most time sandcastle guys dont win anything because of the "self Judging system Club" but at this competition there are outside judges so they have a different perspective. most members of the public love a castle and a new idea for what it is based upon.
I always loved the Terry Pratchett image from his Discworld books and so this is what it was loosely based upon. I expanded the idea to include the thought that rather than everyone travelling home for Thanksgiving - they took the home back to where it started....and the mystery of where turtles go when they :"go deep" - is one that i find fascinating...perhaps they do go somewhere so they can put castles on their backs?
anyway i am thrilled that it wasn't just the judges that thought the piece worthy of a vote....It was was voted "PEOPLES CHOICE" AS WELL - by a long way i believe. Here's to thinking outside the figurative box eh!