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Minecraft Creepers Invade South Padre Sandcastle Lessons!

Wednesday, 06 August 2014 00:00
 Minecraft - this simplistic pixel based "make it up as you go along" build it game has taken the world by storm. i think its because there are no rules about what you can build - kids love this - NO RULES
The sighs from the parents when i mention it is quite another matter! lol - i know as when i was a parent of small people Sonic and tails ruled and mario and Luigi were all they would talk about. It did seem to take over their lives but it taught them other things too - manners, social skills when meeting new friends with the common bond - Sonic, Mario etc etc - it also taught them some discipline coas if they stepped over the line in our house....the pixels disappeared. The other thing that happened was that they wanted to improve the way they drew their heroes and talk about them.
so the point of the blog? When taking the childs favourite deal and making them deliver the shapes in real 3 D rather than keyboard 3D it makes the ol brainbox work in a different way and maybe, just maybe will light a part of the imagination they haven't used yet? what do you think?
Einstein did say that "creativity was only limited by the imagination" you know