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Tools Tools and more tools

Thursday, 06 November 2014 00:00
Sandcastlers make their own tools
Why? - coz we all have different styles and want to deliver what we can using tools that do exactly what we want.
so why do i say i sell the best tools
because great castles have to start somewhere
a great set of buckets - different sizes
a basic spatula - a 4.5 inch stainless job with the round end cut off is what you have to have to deliver sharp details , great stairs, and the ability to cut straight walls and good straight brick.
so a straw? dont touch it with your fingers dudes (and dudettes) as it will ALWAYS BREAK.
soft dusters are wayy cheaper than make up brushes (wow girls - those things cost a fortune!!)
and a good old plastic mechanical pencil - why a 0.7mm lead..cos .9 mm lead makes a right mess and i can get .5mm to last for long. remember that word practice?
my great freind Susanne Altermayer from www.justplainsand.com in Florida deserves all the credit for my tools as she had used them for ages before showing them to me for lessons - and what doesn't suzanne do? Teach lessons....